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Deepwater Horizon - the historical fiction thriller based on the true story of the US’ worst oil spill in history - gives the viewer a detailed understanding of the oil spill which dumped millions of gallons of unrefined oil into the Gulf of Mexico , while simultaneously giving them the well known vibe of a classic thriller/horror film.

The movie focuses on Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg) , who is getting ready to leave for duty on the Deepwater Horizon, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Though it is hard leaving his wife, Felicia Williams (Kate Hudson), it is like any other trip out to the rig. Everything seems normal, until they land on the rig itself.

Mark Wahlberg may be known for his comedic roles in the Ted movie series, but when he needs to be serious, he definitely can. Viewers of the movie can intimately connect with the emotions of the main character, causing the viewer to sympathize with them, which helps to immerse them into the plot of the film.

Instead of writing and directing an informational documentary, director Peter Berg uses his skills to dig into the story of the oil spill and turn it into a traditional thrilling film with plenty of suspense, and just the right amount of sudden occurrences to keep the viewer jumping in fright.

The visual style of the film can make you feel the same way the characters did. By showing dark, depressing visuals of the vast ocean around them, combined with shots of the underwater landscape, the film gives the viewer a feeling of loneliness and isolation. The special effects crew for the movie did an outstanding job in emulating the setting of an oil rig, showing how far modern film editing technology can go. Viewers will be surprised to find out that scenes set in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico on the deck of the oil rig were shot in the parking lot of an abandoned Six Flags theme park.

The music fits into the movie exceptionally well, amplifying the amount of suspense that this gripping film already provides. Compositions by Steve Jablonsky paint calm, yet melancholy landscapes, which mix with the bleak visuals extremely well.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the film. Different groups of people who experienced the event first-hand are judging the film by the accuracy of what is portrayed of the event in the movie itself.

As a whole, Deepwater Horizon did a great job of taking a crucial event in US history and turning it into a tense film. It presented the event in such a way to which anyone can enjoy, no matter how little knowledge you have about the event.

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