March 16, 2009
By cameron reed BRONZE, Rochester, New York
cameron reed BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Batman is back in Gotham City. The Joker is back to and this time he is getting paid by a gang to kill batman. The gang is paying him because batman keeps stopping all of their crimes. They are still paying the joker after he stole all of their money. Once again batman has to beat the joker. But this time Joker has the gang to help him. The gang helps by having one of the gang members store the money somewhere and batman can't turn in the money until he turns in the gang member. There is a twist with a guy named Harvey Dent he is a lawyer also he is two face. The twist is how Harvey is in love with a woman and Harvey and the woman get kidnapped. They then get tied up to a bunch of oil barrows and a timer so that Batman can only choose one to save. So batman saves Harvey instead of choosing the woman. Harvey gets burned and he gets mad. He got mad because Batman didn't save the woman instead of him. So now he is a bad guy.

Some of the actors are joker (Heath Ledger) Batman (Christian Bale) Harvey Dent / two face (Aaron Eckhart). My favorite character is Joker he is my favorite character because he blows up everything. Also how he acts I like how he acts because I think it's cool and how he blows everything up. My least favorite character is two face. He is my least favorite character is Two Face because he isn't in the movie that long of a time. And he doesn't do much. I think that all of the actors played the characters very well. Because each actor has there characters personality in a way.

I recommend this movie to anyone who likes batman, superhero's or just action. They would like all of these things because all of the blowing up. I don't like how there are so many villains and only one batman. Still no one is a challenge and they are all easy to catch. I think that the director did a great job directing. I think this because he had all of the actors acting just right. Also the movie won the movie of the year award.

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