get rich or die tryin

March 16, 2009
By ricky cruz BRONZE, Rochester, New York
ricky cruz BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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The movie get rich or die Tryin is about a rapper 50 cent. How he was living when he was younger to the drug selling on the streets and how he became a famous rapper. In this movie the conflict is the killing of his mom was crazy and sad. Also the life of a drug dealer. My opinions of the characters are real. Like a person that you will normally see on the streets. Like selling drugs and the characters are the actual people that been threw it and who's it about .My favorite character is 50 Cent. Why because he's my favorite rapper and that's who's it about. What 50 cent has been through is believe able because I know people that sell drugs. Also who steals from people and getting shot. Is believe able because my brother and my dad got shot and they still alive. My recommendation is if you violence and what peoples life has been threw to get somewhere. Also if you could be mature when you're watching it. Also I rate this book

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