Forrest Gump

March 16, 2009
By Austin Wilder BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Austin Wilder BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Forrest Gump is a heart warming action packed sad movie, in all different ways. The movie starts out with Forrest Gump as a little boy living in Alabama with his mom. Forrest is not the smartest kid around. Most people don't like him because he is different from everyone, but that dose not stop him from becoming one of the most famous and rich people in the world. The only girl who let him in, or did not think of him as different was jenny. As soon as Forrest saw her he fell in love. And every day since the first day of school they were like peas and carrots all the time until college where they were split up for a wile and seince Forrest was so fast he played a little collage football and ended up to be a all American. After college Forrest got offered to go to the army and so he did. And once again no one let him sit down on the bus because he was a different from everyone else. Except Bubba, his family has been selling shrimp for years and he knows everything about the shriming business. But when you make friends in the war you are bound to lose them that is a risk you must take.

The cast of Forrest Gump is of course Forrest Gump, Forrest is not the smartest person and can be a little slow not alot of people really care about him aside from his mom, jenny, and Bubba even though he ends up being a very famous and rich people. My favorite character is Bubba, because he is a really good friend and a great role model for kids. My least favorite character is jenny, because she doesn't know that a real special person loves her until the end of the movie. Also because she did a lot of bad things like drugs and achole and that's a bad role model for kids.

I recommend this book to whoever likes a documentary about all different things like war violence, emotional all around great movie. My favorite character is Bubba because he is a great friend and a good role model for kids and had alot going for him.

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