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March 16, 2009
By bryan collister BRONZE, Rochester, New York
bryan collister BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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The movie Step Brothers is one of the best movies I have ever seen. The two main characters are Brennon (will fereal) and dale (john c. Reilly).

Dale's life was like almost perfect living with just him and dad all alone. Brenan's life was going smoothly. When Dale's dad, married Brennan's mom Dale and Brennan hated each other. They had to share a bed room when they hated each other. Dale and Brennan hated each other so much they got into fights all the time. At one point in the movie Brennan tried to bury Dale into the ground alive. But later in the movie they started to work out their feelings and started to become friends. After a while they became best friends. Brennan and Dale ruined there parents marriage by their music video on Dale's dad's boat that was so presses to him. They both destroyed the boat. Brennan and Dale had to live on their own because their parents were moving into apartments and they wanted them to start to live on their own. They both needed to find jobs and try to live on their own. When Brennan got a job that his brother was a manager for he decided to work there. After a while Brennan had a plan to try to get the family back together is that the company he worked for was hosting a big party called 'Catalina wine mixer'. He thought if he could be in charge of this party he could hire Dale's food company to serve food and invite his parents. I think that Brennan's plan work because his parents decided to get back together.

In this movie the conflict/problem was that dale found out that Brennan had to share a room with him. He was mad at Brennan because he had perfect life before him and his mom came along.

Dale Doback is a 40 year old man that lives with dad. Brennan Huff is also a 40 year old man that still lives with his mom.

I would recommend this movie to anybody that likes comedy movies and enjoys a good laugh. I would rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars because its my favorite movie I have ever seen.

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on Oct. 14 2011 at 9:44 am
A good movie.. My favorite part is when Brenna messes with Dales drumbset..


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