March 16, 2009
By jamison mullen BRONZE, Greece, New York
jamison mullen BRONZE, Greece, New York
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This movie is amazing because it is funny and I think everyone can connect to this movie. The plot is about two forty year old guys still living with there parents in different houses. Their parents meet and eventually got married. After they are on there funny life and hilarious conflicts they start to bond. Then after they are done bonding they start to grow apart so I think the lesson of this movie is stay close to the ones you love but still have space for a new part of your family

The problem is they hate each other because they are getting less attention from there parents. After they try to kill each other they start to become best friends. They realize they have a lot of common thoughts about things. Then the first thing they did to bond was to do karate in their garage.

Will Ferrell (Brendan) is the best actor for this role he was my favorite in the movie. He is immature and funny and that is what this movie needed. John c. Riely (dale) was great too because he is just as funny and has a lot of potential. The two actors were great because they are friends in the real world so it was easy for them to work together.

This is a great movie for adults. Only adults should watch this because of this movies excessive swearing and plot. I can connect to this movie because it took a long time to bond with my step-brother but now we are friends. I loved the movie it was hilarious to me and my friends. This movie didn't get nominated but it was a winner to me. I rate this A+.

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