Remember the Titans

March 13, 2009
By Esteban Flores BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
Esteban Flores BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
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When talking about sports movies and all movies on general something that has to be really important in the movie is how real they make it seem. When seeing Remember the Titans you have everything that a sports movie needs. It has originality and the events that happened in the movie actually did happen in real life. The movie is basically about a football team that went from being an all-white football team to an integrated football team. The team being renamed the T.C Williams Titans football team and it takes place in 1971 in Alexandria, Virginia. At first the schools football coach is white and everybody inn the school likes him, but then when they start integrating the school they replace him with a black coach and then the whole football team gets outraged. As an integrated football team back in the 70's nobody in the team gets along with each other because of race issues and differences between them. The coaches and everyone tell them to get along with each other so they could win some games, but it's hard for them to do it because of the differences between them. So at first they hate each other a lot, but when they start seeing the facts of life and how they will need to work with each other is when they start getting along with each other. During the regular season they win all of they're games going undefeated and they eventually go on to win the state championship. The reason this is a very good movie is because it teaches very good qualities about life. It teaches that one should not look at the skin color of a man, but at the person's feelings and thoughts and what type of person they are. How you truly know a person is by actually getting along and talking to each other rather than by judging right away just by looking at the color of the skin.

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on Oct. 11 2010 at 6:26 pm
sOmE_nIgHtS SILVER, Wayne, Pennsylvania
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we had to watch this movie in health class, I thought it was a really good movie. Nice review btw!


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