September 26, 2016

The movie Legend which came out in 2015 was about the infamous Kray Brothers and their lives as mobsters in the U.K. The Kray brothers were huge mobsters in 60’s London and nearly had complete control over the underworld. The movie starring Tom Hardy as both Reggie and Ronnie Kray, dwells into their lives, including the relationship Reggie had with his wife Frances, played by Emily Browning as well as Ronnie’s mental instability and more violent tendencies than his brother. However more than anything else the movie dwelled into the closeness of the two brothers, and how they would fit for each other and sometimes with each other, but always had each others back.


I am a fan of mobster movies, like The Godfather and more recently Black Mass, and I am extremely intrigued by the lives of real mobsters like Al Capone and others. So, when I heard about a movie about the Kray Brothers I was excited, but also scared it wouldn’t be as good as my expectations, but the movie exceeded them. The acting delivered by Tom Hardy as both Reggie and Ronnie was outstanding because the twin brothers of crime were different in so many ways, Reggie was more cool and calm under pressure even though he was violent, while Ronnie was hysterical and unstable mentally while still being extremely violent. Then, there was the narration delivered by Emily Browning, Reggie’s wife. Her narration gave the entire movie a different viewpoint, it showed more connection. It also showed more development of her character because she was biased as seeing Ronnie and Reggie more so as good people even though they did horrible things, and she always referred to Reggie as “my Reggie” or “my love” or endearing words, giving a more personal narration.

The cinematography was extremely good and the setting made it seem as though it were in the 60’s as well as the clothes. Just from looking at the clothing and listening to the way of speech, a person could tell where and when the movie took place. The plot followed through nicely, and at the end they even gave a look into what happened to the characters after the time period the movie took place. The movie was targeted at adults and young adults, but I found compelling and amazingly well crafted as a gangster movie even though I technically am not part of the groups it was intended for.

The ending of the movie was perfect. It didn’t leave too many questions unanswered and those unanswered were answered in the short slideshow of what happened to the real Kray Brothers after the period of the movie ended. The movie in all was amazing, it had exciting fights and memorable deaths, it had romantic love scenes and brotherly love scenes, it was exactly the way you would expect someone’s life to go. In conclusion, I would suggest this movie to others, it was a good look into the lives of criminals.

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