Bride Wars

March 11, 2009
By Anonymous

In a romantic comedy movie, there is one thing that always happens in these movies. Relationships are reaching another level, whether a couple had broken up or just started dating. When it comes to best friends, so many things are bound to happen. In 'Bride Wars,' they took romantic comedy to another level.
Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway tear it up in this movie. They play a pair of best friends who have been to countless weddings together. Then, when they turn out to be getting married at the same time, they immediate started working at each other's wedding together. They pick the same location, but they each choose a different day. Around the time that their wedding plans are almost complete (including getting a very expensive wedding dress) they find out that their weddings have been booked on the same day.
Struck by the results, their characters don't know what to do. The dark sides between each of them come out. In a situation like that, best friends turned rivalry happens throughout the movie. They both each try to make sure that her wedding is better while the other's wedding crumbles. But even after all the destruction and silly catfights, the rivals that they were for weeks, become best friends all over again.
When it comes to performances in a romantic comedy, Hudson and Hathaway are brilliant in each of their characters. None of them let me down a bit. Hudson's humor has never left me. She always makes me laugh and she is just as talented as her mother is. When it comes to Hathaway, I was expecting the girl from 'The Devil Wears Prada.' But I didn't see her. I saw a woman that wasn't afraid to take risks, and she didn't disappoint me.
'Bride Wars is one of the best romantic comedies of 2009. Get this movie. It is my number one romantic comedy of all time.

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