Fired Up

March 7, 2009
By , virginia beach, VA
I found Fired Up to be hilarious, if you like bawdy humor. Fired Up is about two High School jocks/players whom decide to go with their school's cheerleading squad to Fired Up University. Fired Up University is a "university" for cheerleading. Of course this movie is filled to the brim with cursing and sexual content, but what else should be expected from a teen movie? The target adiuence is the teen group, because they best relate to the movie. This movie is perfect for both teenage girls, and boys, as well. The girls get a peak into the male mind (although not ALL guys are like that) and the guys get to gwake at attractive cheerleaders. Basically, Fired UP is a great movie that is easy to connect to and will have you quoting it daily!

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