October Sky

November 3, 2008
By Anonymous

In the movie October Sky Joe Johnston deleted and added some charecters and scenes. For example, there was no billy in the movie, bu in the book there was.
Some of the techniques he used were weird film angles. Like some shots were from high angles ans some low. The lighting was dark like when they went into the mine it was dark, butin other scenes like when Mr Bykovski dies the shot was from an up angle.
Some more lighting techniques he used where when the people would go down in the mine it would be really dark. Some others are weird, but at the same time they were good choices
Some evidence that i have is wayching the movie in person. Like if i read the book i wouldnt get the film angles like i would in the movie.
Most of the tme the book can be a little different. He adds scenes and deletes and adds charecters. So i thought the movie was good and i would like to see it again

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