Confessions of a Shopaholic

March 4, 2009
By Katie Osbourne BRONZE, Oak Harbor, Ohio
Katie Osbourne BRONZE, Oak Harbor, Ohio
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The ice rink is closed, the malls are too far away, but luckily there's a movie theatre in reach and its only about ten minute drive. Once again we all pile into our respected cars and head on our way. Upon arriving at the theatre, I grow excited for listed on their display include the movies 'Taken' and 'Slum dog millionaire' rated R but which I'm sure our one eighteen year old companion could get us into. But we discovered soon after arriving that, unless we wanted to be home by late evening, our only choice of movie was to see 'Confessions of a Shopaholic.' I sighed deeply. 'Seriously?' I thought, 'A movie about shopping?' But despite my complete lack of enthusiasm I headed in the theatre and soon found myself in the third row from the very first as the opening credits appeared on screen along with the opening monologue. I guess he movie wouldn't be too bad. I was with friends after all. I sipped my vanilla coke.
Within the first ten or fifteen minutes of this movie I was hooked and by the end I had absolutely fallen in love with it. It stood out to me because it was a genuine story.

The main character introduced to the audience at the very beginning is a Miss Rebecca Bloomwood. She is of course very pretty with long and red and curly hair that seems to set her apart from the other characters and she is well dressed seeing as she has a closet with more clothes than the Smithsonian has artifacts. But, she is also quite witty, smart, and very charming. She is a journalist living in New York City with a goal of working at an esteemed high fashion magazine. But, after applying for an interview, she discovers that a job at said magazine might just be out of reach for her at this point in her career. She then decides to take a job at a magazine that may not be her dream job but allows her to be part of the company that owns the magazine that she does want to work for. And besides, her previous position as a writer for a different magazine was lost due to the ending of the business by the owner. A shopaholic with a large sum of debt just cannot be out of work! The story unfolds and the audience watches as Rebecca uses her integrity and her spirit to get her past her obstacles which include avoiding a nasty debt collector, being there for her best friend, fitting in with the socialites of the world of journalism, and admitting to her parents that she may have one too many credit cards that have recently declined. I know that I keep returning to Rebecca but she is just a great character. She is confident and someone to call a role model, but just has a slight addiction to anything pertaining to shopping; window displays, sales and a particular green scarf that you'll learn about if you venture out to your local movie theatre this weekend and check this movie out. But, this review would simply not be complete without some mention of the total cutie who works as the editor where Rebecca takes a job. He is someone you will certainly fall in love with for his character is very genuine. But, I did not really mention my opinion on the plot itself. The plot of this movie has something more to it than just a cute love story, and, as if that was not enough, the movie itself is just layered with creativeness. From the special effects seen in window displays, to the amazing work of Rebecca's costume designer, to the dynamic and lovable characters, and the presence of many sweet ironies 'Confessions of a Shopoholic' is just a great flick.

'Confessions of a Shopoholic' is a definite go see but take the girls not the guys and I wouldn't' consider it a date movie either. You'll leave the theater with a light and happy spirit and a bit of a recharging energy that comes from a source other than the freeze you had!

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