High School Musical 3: Senior Year

March 3, 2009
If you happened to walk into a movie theatre on Oct. 24th of 2008 you would have most likely seen a huge amount of girls. All aged tween/teenage girls, who have long awaited the premier of one of the most anticipated movies of 2008. These girls skipped school to brave long lines all to see this movie. Now if you happen to be having a blonde moment (likely) or perhaps have never heard of this movie (very unlikely) I'll be kind and fill you in, incase at some later date in life you happen to be asked about this movie you won't look like an idiot.

The Disney Channel original movie High School Musical 3 was sent to open in theaters nation wide on Oct. 24th 2008. This was the first time any High School Musical movie have been released on the big screen, the first two premiered on Disney Channel.

The first two movies entitled -you guessed it High School Musical (1 and 2)- Introduces Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and the beautiful Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) along with drama queen Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) and her twin tag along brother Ryan Evans played by Lucas Grabreel. Zac Efron plays main character Troy Bolton - a basketball star who finds out (when he meets Gabriella) that he has a passion for singing, but won't try out for the winter musical because he is afraid of what his teammates and basketball couch father might think. Zac Efron stole the hearts of girls everywhere with one smile at the camera, along with Gabriella/Vanessa who together sing and dance while spreading the message to be who the want to be and not to 'stick to the statist quo'. High School Musical became a family friendly tween/teen sensation, as did its sequel that premiered the summer of 2007. It did so well the cast went on tour around the country to sing along with fans to the soundtrack, which followed by an ice tour.

All three movies are packed with fun catchy danceable songs and fun relatable characters. Since HSM3 was to premier on the big screen it aloud the creators of HSM more freedom because of its bigger budget. All this meaning bigger better sets and more show stopping musical numbers. Fans by the thousands packed movie theaters to see Troy, Gabriella and the gang come to life again. As it being set in a high school more of the high school students got the bigger message, along with understanding the things trying to tear Gabriella and Troy apart because they are headed in different directions. Troy (Zac Efron) is faced with his biggest choice of his life, as he must decide between theater or a basketball scholarship, all while trying to stay close to Gabriella who is headed to Stanford. As all the HSM movies have been and are G rated and family friendly however the 3rd is a little more mature, meaning mature costumes such as short skirts and cleavage. All this is not matured so much to push it to a PG rating.

High School Musical 3 will make you laugh, cry, sing, dance, and of course swoon. All in all making all of the single girls watching depressed that they can't find a guy like troy, who will show you his secret hiding places, show up at you bedroom window (which he had to climb up a tree to get to) to bring you pizza and strawberries dipped in chocolate and after doing this he even drives several hours just to jump out of a tree to dance with you the night of the prom ' while wearing a tux. I am making myself depressed just writing this. Ok back to the original subject.

I would recommend you to see the first two before you see the third. But it will be worth the money, with movie tickets being so pricey you never know if it's worth it. It is.
Many have said the HSM is over, we've said our goodbyes, but there have been rumors of 'College Musical' (whether or not that will work out I don't know) and of HSM4 starring the new characters that were introduced in HSM3. Therefore knowing all of that, I can not promise that we will see Troy and Gabriella again. If not they went out with a bang.

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