Madea Goes To Jail

March 3, 2009
By Vera Boykins BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Vera Boykins BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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You wouldn't think that a movie involving an elderly woman would be hysterical. Well Tyler Perry seems like the only person that can make this possible. With his unique ways and intelligence he pulled it all off quite well, imitating more than just one person.

His latest movie Madea Goes To Jail which is based on his stage play set an all time high record at number one this week. Madea (Tyler Perry) is an elderly woman in her low to mid 60's and doesn't take any mess from anybody. She has a brother Joe (Tyler Perry) that she takes care of and her nephew Brian (Tyler Perry) is a lawyer and always helps her get out of trouble with the law.

There's this attorney Linda (Ion Overman) who is very na've. She has never lost a case. Reason being because she used old files against her clients that weren't even active at the time of their convictions. She was the fianc' of Joshua Hardaway (Derek Luke) and was very jealous at the fact he was trying to help a long lost friend get out of trouble. She goes by the name Candace (Candy) Washington (Keshia Knight Pulliam) and she is a prostitute who has been in trouble time before.

Candace's attorney Linda used old files against her as if they were new because of the relationship between her fianc' Joshua and Candace. This sentenced her to 17 years in Prison. As for Madea as well. She was charged with more years than what she was supposed to get for a specific charge when the rest of them were invalid. Joshua's co-worker Chuck (RonReaco Lee) told him of Linda's wrong doings the day of his wedding because he trying to figure out how did his good friend get all of that time for one charge that was only to get only a certain amount of time. Chuck then explained to Joshua how naive his soon to be wife really was.

Tyler Perry is very brilliant. He can be very serious, funny, and emotional all in one. He has other movies as well. They all started as plays then went into the big screen. Which all of his movies were made the #1 movie in America each year. It even beat the Jonas Brothers movie which most people didn't think would happen. For the simple fact that some people think that his movies aren't funny as his plays. But reality is some seriousness has to be taken in movies so that the point of the movie can get across. In this case everyone is not your friend. Also to take actions for what you did not because of what people or some one may have done to you. Excuses are not acceptable. I highly recommend those who have not seen this movie to go and check it out. It's worth the laugh and your money as well.

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