The Messangers

March 2, 2009
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Even if you are a devoted fan of Kristen Stewart(Bella from twilight)- or maybe especially if you are one- you'll find "the messangers" seriously lacking.
sure horror films are awesome becuase of the adrenaline rush, but "the messangers" was just missing one thing... the scare,...the startle,...the adrenaline.
the hook for this film is " if no one believes you how can you warn them?" (and this is straight off the cover of the case.), but in the movie this just doesnt add up to the film.
"the messangers" is a supposed horror film. this movie is about a teen girl(jess) and her family that move from chicago to a small town in north fdakota. jess and her liitle brother ben... see... ghosts intheir home...and their parents won't or can't believe them.
horror movies are supposed to give you nightmares."The messanger" is anything but that. it may be suspenceful but the least bit scary.
"Thmessangers" is approximently 90 min. long and is rated pg13 for maturethematic material, disturbing violence and terror. this movie came out in 2007. three stars out of 5(not very impressive.)

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