February 26, 2009
By Anonymous

'Twilighters' comparing book to movie

'I really thought the book was better than the movie. Although i liked the movie really well my imagination was so much better. I'm sad i read all the books already wish there was more books. I thought the actors they used played the parts really well but the one for jasper. I'm still wanting to see what to expect in the upcoming films.' (

As a fellow twilight maniac who has read all four books and saw the movie about five times in theaters, I completely agree with the above quote. The book was way better than the movie though the movie wasn't terrible; it just didn't measure up to my expectations. It also lacked many interesting and important scenes that fans love!

One amazing aspect of the movie is definitely ROB PATTINSON! Just mention his name and you will hear girls even women gasp. Portraying Edward Cullen just made him even hotter.

The shade of lighting in the movie made it look like the dark fairytale it truly is. Cross your fingers hopefully New Moon will stay closer to the book instead of straying off into other directions.

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