My Neighbor Totoro

February 28, 2016
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If you like Studio Ghibli, you will like My Neighbor Totoro. For sure. The story stsrts when two girls, four-year-old Mai and pre-teen Satsuki, move with their father to a old house in the country. Thieir mom is in the hospital, and they are looking forward to telling her about any adventures they might have. The first thing they are greeted by is a bridge and a "Tunnel of trees!" As Mai says. They soon get to the house and see a huge tree that is the biggest tree in the forest that is by their house. When they go to explore the back of the house they open the door and are greeted by a cloud of soot that swooshes away when they enter the room. They soon adjust to life at the new house, finding out that they share it with "Soot Sprites" That they end up scaring off with a laughing fit. One day while exploring Mai meets Totoro, a spirit that dwells in the forest, and they become, well, friends, I guess. At first Satsuki doesn't bealive her, but her dad makes her realize that Mai met one of the Spirits of the forest, and that they only reveal themselves too certain people. Satsuki is upset, but she starts bealiving in the spirits as well. The girls have many magiacal adventures with Totoro and his compainions, such as planting another big tree and waiting with him at a bus stop. Towards the end of the movie Mai decides to go and see her mother in the hospital and ends up getting lost. With some help from the friendly Totoro and the rather comfortable Cat Bus (a cat who is a bus), a distraught Satsuki finds the scared Mai and goes to the hospital with her (aided from the Cat Bus). This is a wonderful movie for all ages, and you will want too watch it again and again. I know I certainly do! Spirits, sisters, magic, studio Ghibli,  and cats. What more could you want?

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DragonFableGirl said...
Apr. 29, 2016 at 5:36 pm
@Goshawk I believe you've seen this movie, ya?
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