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February 13, 2009
By Tess Greenwald BRONZE, Mt. Kisco, New York
Tess Greenwald BRONZE, Mt. Kisco, New York
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When Sudan's second civil war began in the 1980s, 27,000 boys from Dinka Tribe fled their homeland seeking refuge in Kenya. These boys – ranging in age from three to their late teens – became known as the Lost Boys.

“God Grew Tired of Us” ­follows three Lost Boys – John, Daniel, and Panther – over the course of four years, describing their battles against starvation, dehydration, animal attacks, and bomb raids as they make their journey, a barefoot walk, to Kenyan refugee camps.

Most of these boys were ­orphaned or separated from their families during the war. John, Daniel, and Panther tell us how many of the Lost Boys, their friends, died during the journey. At the refugee camp, the boys are chosen by the International Rescue Committee to leave Africa and relocate in the United States. The film documents their culture shock as they settle here.

On the airplane, John, Daniel, and Panther are fascinated with the light switch, turning it on and off in awe. The startled looks on their faces as the captain makes an announcement over the PA ­system made me laugh. My ­giggles continued as they ­experience packaged processed food for the first time.

In the U.S., John is sent to Syracuse, New York. Daniel and Panther go to Pittsburg. The boys are confused by the decorations at Christmas time. John comments, “Christmas is about the spirituality in one's heart.”

Starting their new lives, working menial jobs to pay rent and bills, John, Daniel, and Panther never forget the family, friends, and devastation they left behind. John searches through the International Rescue Committee for his family, hoping to see them again.

“God Grew Tired of Us” is a moving story of three boys who were forced to become men. American viewers will be ­enlightened seeing our culture through their eyes. This film gave me quite a jolt.

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I read God Grew Tired of Us the book it was written by john, but i'll be sure to check out the documentary, great writing

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