Marley and Me

January 31, 2009
By Anonymous

This movie is about a couple that has their whole life planned out. From getting married to dieing. He (the husband) has a job for the newspaper and he wants an article but instead gets a column. He gets a dog named Marley for her (the wife) birthday and when he comes home the little ball of fun creates havic. She wants a baby but he dooesn't. Then here comes a little baby boy. Then there is even more havic. Then here comes another baby boy. No more room in the house for the two babys them and Marley while he is still growing. So they move into a bigger house and here comes another kid, but this time it is a baby girl. They buy another bigger house and while they are taking care of the three kids, Marley is growing older, and sicker. Then soon enough, Marley's stomach flips and has to get surgerey. It works but is still a little glum. Then his stomach flips again and this time it won't work and he has to be put to sleep. And then he gets put down. Then the three kids and two parents read or show something they have made for Marley to put into his grave.

The author's comments:
This means a lot to me because i have lost a dog before.

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