January 30, 2009
By melanie mcgirr BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
melanie mcgirr BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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'Face it fertile mertile, your ego is prego!' This is one of my favorite lines from the movie Juno. Juno Mcguff is a teenage girl that gets pregnant. Juno faces all the problems that most knocked up teenagers face. Since Juno is prego in high school, you would think that this would be a big serious problem and it is, but somehow Juno's personality is just naturally funny and so the movie is funny. Most people who review movies are adults and now you can get a teenagers perspective on this movie and how I relate to it like you might be able to relate to it. I really like this movie, and I recommend this to other teenagers because I am a teenager and I like it a whole lot. I think other teenagers would also like this movie and it might just help them with problems they might have.

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