The Truman show

January 27, 2009
By jordanbarsky GOLD, Manhattan, New York
jordanbarsky GOLD, Manhattan, New York
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The Truman show is quite possibly Jim carry's best role ever. He portrays a person who has been legally adopted by a studio, and has been filmed 24/7 from the day he was born. This movie was years before its time, foreseeing America's obsession with other people and their experiences, only in this instance the Truman show is the perfect reality show. The truth is that all reality TV shows make me sick, because each show is about how every character wants to gain the most attention. But in the Truman show, Truman is as real as it gets, and only the world around him is fake. Even down to Truman's name is informing us about how 'real' he is.
Truman was born and raised on the world's largest TV set, the town in which he lives in, is set in a seemly late 50s look. This time frame may have been strategically chosen because of its rigid lifestyle.
As the movie progresses Truman sees his supposedly dead father as homeless man. A sequence of events occur, that causes Truman to want to leave his horribly too comfortable life. Truman begins to see the lies and synchronization of his life, he tries to run away. But as expected every 'natural cause' that could go wrong does, until finally Truman is literally chased into the forest and captured only to be put back into his hamster cage of a life.
As the movie progresses every single person inside Truman's world beside Truman makes the viewer sick to their stomach, because of their complete and absolute lack of authenticity. These moments are a counter balance to Truman's genuineness, a reminder of the fakeness that Hollywood thinks we want. But Truman himself, besides being a genuine person, really does have a good heart. Since childhood he wanted to do something nobody has ever done, to have himself be remembered, which in reality almost everyone in the world knows him, but they get to see him first hand really truly prove that he deserves to be free.
In the last sequence of the movie Truman's inner drive finally forces him to voyage out across the seas in order to escape his 'world.' Not surprisingly the Hollywood penginlum swings back into the story, and Truman is faced with a powerful, and violent storm. As the world cheers him on, Truman's true heroism shows as he 'beats' the world in which has been created for him. In this portion of the movie, the shots go back and forth between Truman and the viewers of the show which reminds the audience repeatedly that everyone in the world has a first class ticket to his life; it gives people the opportunity to judge and love Truman. But again and again Truman's most important quality of existing as a human being forces him to wrong every expectation and as the storm finally clears Truman once again mends his teetered sailboat and continue on his journey to literally another world. When finally in an almost cartoon way, the bow of his boat stabs through a wall that has been painted to look like a sky. In this scene the audience's minds are given a situation that they truly will never be able to comprehend. Where they see man reach a bounds to his world, and walk through the door.

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