January 16, 2009
By mitchell doughty, Fort Meade, MD

The movie "Valkryie" directed by Bryan Signer was an excellent movie in my eyes. it was filled with action, adventure, and drama. Tom Cruise plays as Colonel Claus von Strauffenberg who goes from a soldier fighting for Germany in North Africa to a high ranking officer in Adolf Hitler's inner cirlce of his amry. This movie shows the closest assassination attempt on Hitler's life. This movie stars Tom Cruise, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, and Terence Stamp. It also stars Gerard Haase-Hindenberg, and David Bamber as Adolf Hitler and many more.
The audience for this movie would be a fan of one of the actors or are interested to see how these soldiers risked themselves and their family to try to kill the most evil man this world has ever seen. The story line this movie follows is when a group of soldiers are tired of fighting the war for mother Germany. So they create a secret organization to assassinate Hitler. The cinematography in this movie was great, it helps show when there was sadness and when there was an action suspence scene. This movie has its own music done by John Ottman. I gave this movie two thumbs up, and I recommend seeing this movie.

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