Marley and Me

December 31, 2008
By Emily Marsteller, Washington, DC

On Christmas day, the movie Marley and Me was released. The movie tells the bitter sweet story of a man and the relationship that he has with his mischievious dog Marley. Marley tears up pillows, tries to eat and expensive necklace, and does many other things to tear up the house. His owners simply can't get him under control. However, as the movie probresses, the family lears to love Marley, even though he's quite a handful to deal with.
The director did a great job of making the movie emotional and realistic. THey did a great job of emphasizing why dogs recieved the name"Man's best friend." In addition, they did a great job of showing the positive traits of dogs: how they always make you feel special and loved, how they don't care what youlook like or if you're popular or not, and how they don't care how much money you have. If you show your dog that youlove them, they'll always love you back. The end is very sad, so I reccomend that you leave the theater if you tend to get emotional during movies. However, I suggest that everyone watches Marley and Me because it is a bery memorable movie.

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