December 18, 2008
“I’d never really thought of how I was going to die, but dieing in the place of someone I loved felt like a good way to go.” This line was spoken by Bella Swan in Twilight. It is in the very beginning of the book and the movie. This one line has been repeating in my head ever since I saw the movie. It has a certain ring in it like the energizer bunny. It keeps going and going and going. My friend read the book and said that it was the best book she has ever read. She told me about it and said that is had vampire romance in it. I thought who would write a book about vampire romance! I said that never in my life would I want to read it. Now I take it back. Ever since I read Twilight I can’t put it down. I was reading New Moon, the second book, when Twilight came into the movie theatre. I was so excited to see it. I fell in love with it! When Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) first came into the movie all of the girls started hooting and screaming. I can tell why. HE IS HOT!!!!!!!!! He is the hottest vampire yet! Plus Kristin Stewart is very pretty. Their chemistry is the best I have ever seen! Rumor has it that they are engaged! If it is true I am sure that the rings will be like neon lights saying “look at me! Look at me!”

Hopefully it is true because then they can got more into it and make the movie even better (if that is possible).

The movie was the best I have ever seen! I think that anyone can see it. I do have to tell you that there is a scene in the movie that might need supervision but otherwise the movie was fantastic!

People have compared Twilight to Harry Potter because both of the movies have the story lines that involve magical creatures in it. Robert Pattinson has been in Harry Potter and now he is the main character in Twilight.

I know that you girls out there want to be Bella because I do to. I have talked to all of my friends and asked them if they want to be Bella. Right away they knew what I was talking about. They said that they wanted him a lot. Robert might not be the one for you, but we all have our OWN Edward Cullen somewhere out there. You just have to look for him. Good luck!

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