December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.” says Edward. “What a stupid lamb.” Bella says. “What a sic and twisted lion,” Edward speaks out. These lines spoken by Bella and Edward from the movie “Twilight.” The movie is so fantastic and romantic. It is so amazing; you just want to keep watching it over and over. Twilight is a movie about vampires who fall in love. As I was watching the movie, I thought to myself: I am not getting up to get popcorn or candy because it is so amazing.

Its about a teenager Bella who moves with her dad to Forks, Washington. She has to change schools and her dad gets her a truck to get to school everyday. But then Bella meets this guy Edward Cullen. She starts to fall on love with him. Bella doesn't know that Edward is a vampire. Little does she know Jacob Black, a friend of hers tells her about his dads weird myth that the Cullens, are vampires.

Vampire or not, Bella still loves Edward and soon enough they start dating. Edward introduces Bella to his family, and they do accept her. Bella is not reluctant to go to prom with Edward. But some how she thinks Edward will find a way to charm her into going. When Bella finds out that Edward is a vampire, she is a little weird out when he can fly, climb trees, super speed, and special talent. Most of all he thinks she would be scared but Bella is not. She doesn't mind and things start to change.

I definitely recommend this movie “twilight” to all teens; they will really like this outstanding movie ever.

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