December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Hey girls do you like romance movies? Well you would love twilight! It's the best movie ever. After my best friend and I watched it; we wanted to go back to the ticket counter and buy another ticket.
This movie is about a girl named Bella that moves in with her father Charlie, which is a cop. On her first day of school, she makes a bunch of friends. Their names are: Eric, Mike, Angela, Jessica, and more people. When Bella was standing by her truck, she almost got hit by a van. Bella didn't get hit because the hero, Edward came and saved her by pushing the van away. He's so strong and he looks like a prince going to save his princess! If you saw the movie you would agree with me. Later, Bella falls in love with Edward. One day, Bella goes with Edward and his family to play baseball and his family members are named Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. They run in to these three bad vampires named Victoria, James, and Laurent. Then James smells Bella and tries to go after her. Edward and his family try their best to save Bella and make her safe again and she had to run away from her dad, because James would come to her house.
A few days later, Bella gets a phone call from James and he tricked her by using on of her home videos. Bella went to save her Mom at the art studio. When she finds out it was just a video, James hurt her by and soon, the hero Edward comes in. Bella got bit by James when Edward and Bella was fighting. Later, Edward's family comes and Edward's brothers burned James up. That's the only part the boys would probably love. Edward had to bite Bella to get the venom out. It was impossible for Edward to stop but he did because he had flashbacks of how much he loved her. Bella ended up in the hospital very hurt. Edward was not a vampire his whole life. His whole family wasn't a vampire except for his father, Carlisle. The whole vampire family thing started because back then in the early days, they were sick and they were about to die. The only way to make them survive was to bite them. So that's how they became vampires. Jacob's great grandfather's tribe with is the wolves, hate the Cullens because they went on their land. They made a promise to them. The promise was if the Cullens wouldn't go on their land anymore, then they wouldn't tell people their secret. The Cullens don't go out in the sun or light because their skin is all shiny like a killer's skin. So you should totally watch twilight I'd bet you would love it!

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