Hills Have Eyes

December 17, 2008
“As I sit on my couch I feel as if someone is watching me……..” That is what this movie does to me every time I watch it. One cold Fall day when I came home from school my 2 older brothers asked me if I wanted to watch a scary movie, I said yes which was very dumb of me because I'm a baby when it comes to scary movies. Well since I said yes I went to the living room and watched it with them. The movie was some what disturbing to me and kind of nasty but at the same time cool.
The movie is called “Hills Have Eyes.” It is about these army people going to the desert to find out why all of these people are dying and disappearing. While they are there some of the people go missing, and they try to find out why and where they are. When they're looking for answers they find a cave, and the cave looks like someone or something is living there.
When they try to find there way out they get lost and start finding things they thought they would only see in their nightmares. As they get farther and farther into the cave they see one of their people that get abducted and so they set up a trap to get her out, but then the monster gets very mad and tries to kill them. As they run away they come to a dead end or more like a hole in the cave that is about 70ft. in the air, and they see their sergeant down there. In the movie it will show how he dies and ends up down there, and by the way it's disgusting and disturbing.
If you are in the mood to watch a scary-nasty movie I think Hills Have Eyes is the movie for you. I just advise that you don't let your little kids watch it unless they can handle that kind of violence, and language. There is some sexual contact in this movie, so I do advise to keep the little kids away from this movie, it is also rated R as in kids under 17 not allowed in theater without parent or guardian. The actors are awesome in this movie. They scream when need to scream and they “RUN AWAY FROM THE MONSTERS OR BAD GUYS.” I've noticed that in a lot of scary movies the dumb girls always run at them or try to hide and they end up dying at the beginning or middle and they don't die as good as the other actors.
They just fall to the ground and say “go on without me, I'm not worth it” and I think that, that is kind of hilarious. They also came out with a second one because the ending of the 1st defiantly left people hanging and not knowing what's going to happen next. Even though I want to tell you more about the story I don't think I can because if I do it will ruin the movie, watch this movie if you like them scary don't watch if you don't like blood and get scared easily. Parents beware if your children watch this than they will be in your bed for about a week.

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