Get Smart

December 17, 2008
By Logan Smith, Littleton, CO

Do you think you’ve had a belly aching laugh? Probably not till you have Get Smart! In this hysterical action movie starring Steve Carell as Max, becomes a field agent after many of his co-agents have been targeted. Max pairs up with a stunningly pretty woman, Anne Hathway, and has to find the factory, or leader of the terrorist group. After a miss-hap, his boss thinks Max blew-up a bakery and is accused of being a double agent. Max knows where the terrorist has planted a bomb, but is placed in a jail cell. He fools the guards and escapes from the solitary confinement; he runs to his boss and convinces that he is not a double agent. Max knows where the bomb is, but not the exact position, but when looking for the Weapon of Mass Destruction, he runs into a real double agent and almost murders Max. Is he able to get rid of the double agent before the explosion? That will be for you to see.

In the previews of “Get Smart,” they aren’t appealing to the eye, but the movie is way better then what the first look is. The previews remind you of a dumb movie that will make you laugh only once, but the outcome turned out tremendous and now is one of the top comedy films on the rack. There are some great moments in this movie, as I watched the scene when Steve tries to get out of the handcuffs in the airplane; I thought my intestines would pop out with laughter. He shot himself in the ear like two times with a mini cross bow and the neck once, it was classic. Another great part is when Max bends over to bow to the crowd once he saves the bomb from the explosion, his pants are ripped wear the butt is, and you see everything. It’s pretty nasty.

There are large amounts of big named actors, and I’m not just saying that, there really are, such as, Dwayne Johnson, Steve Carrel, David Koechner, and directed by
Peter Segal. Peter made eighty million dollars, and received 7.0 out of ten which is pretty high. I am recommending people to see this movie, because of the action, the comedy and just to make that person have a good laugh. This might have been Steve Carrel best movie, in my opinion, because I have seen him in other comedy, and by far he will make your belly flip way more in this then any other movie you will ever imagine. Steve is such a goof in this movie its unbelievable, I am so surprised that the actors were able to keep a straight face while he was being the Be ready for your intestines to be barking at you when you finish watching Get Smart.

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