The Miricle Worker

December 17, 2008
By Sheena Barker, Winchester, ZZ

Have you ever imagined life all black, not being able to see a thing? Even worse, can you imagine not being able to hear the birds chirp in the morning or your mother speaking to you? Yes, I'm talking about the 1962 phenomenon, ‘The Miracle Worker'.

Helen Keller was blinded and deafened at infancy. This moving, soul-capturing film was directed by Arthur Penn and is a true story about a seven-year old blind and deaf girl called Helen Keller (Patty Duke) and her struggles through life as an ill-tempered young girl with many disabilities who needs help.

This help comes from Annie Sullivan (Anne Bancroft), a young woman who herself was blind by the age of 10, but through a series of operations, was left with just enough sight to enable her to read for short periods of time and to function in the everyday world around her. Helen is to be her first student and in this film you will enjoy watching Annie guide her gifted pupil on a miraculous journey not to be missed.

This is a truly remarkable and successful biography of Helen Keller that is sure to have you weeping in sorrow. It's floorless! So to experience miracles grow in one of the saddest, most dramatic yet effective films in the film age, you must watch ‘The Miracle Worker'. It offers you dramatic, tear-drenched moments, ones you will never forget.

With no eyes and no ears,
Just touch and her mind -- this will give you tears.

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