The Dark Knight

December 17, 2008
By Abdullah Hassan BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Abdullah Hassan BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The Dark Knight is a suspenseful, action- packed movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat every second you watch. It starts off on the roof top of a Gotham City building, the Jokers (Heath Ledger) henchmen are getting ready to rob the Gotham City Bank. So they charge the bank and take the loot away in a dark van. But something is wrong, the Joker's henchmen have been told by the boss to kill one another with out them knowing it. So two get killed, but what the survivors didn't know is one of the masked henchmen is the Joker. So he executes all his hired men and takes off with the money. After this mysterious robbery, a new villain is born in the City of Gotham, and this evil and mischievous villain is too smart and dangerous for batman (Christian bale) to handle. As the story progresses these two masterminds battle it out to the end. But what is surprising about Joker in this film is that he isn't the only one trying to get rid of Batman, the people of Gotham are also trying to get batman, later in the movie Batman also tries to leave his identity behind him he tries to become Bruce Wayne permanently. But his loved ones are there to help him out in his grueling battle against the people of Gotham and also the Joker. The cast of the dark knight, begins with Christian Bale(Batman-Bruce Wayne)he was confident in his return to this batman role after positive responses from Batman Begins. Next is the late great Heath Ledger (Joker). Heath beat out five actors to land the role of the joker on July 2006. To prepare for this psychopathic and schizophrenic Joker role, Heath lived in a hotel room for one month. And it was worth it, his role in the dark knight was well played. Finally we have another villain Aaron Eckhart(Harvey Dent- Two face) Aaron starts off as the boyfriend of Bruce Waynes Ex girlfriend. As the movie progresses he turns evil and joins joker to defeat batman. These are just three of the many talented actors featured in this spectacular film. The Dark Knight not only piled up the money, it also piled up the awards and nominations. Heath Ledger won 10 best supporting actor awards, from multiple movie awards. He also won titles like best villain and best fantasy actor. Christian Bale wasn't left out when it came to the awards either he picked up awards for best superhero and best actor. So this film is a must see, and in the end I give it two wings up.

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