Nightmare before christmas

December 11, 2008
Always having a passion for Halloween and Christmas The Nightmare Before Christmas really truly compelled my eyes as well as many eyes around the world. A Key aspect that really completes this movie is that it was mad for the first time in 1993 and was a hit then. Now this movie has been a little bit restored and has been made into a 3-D with are modern technology. The most intriguing part of this movie personally is rhythmic cadence and steady flow of music mainly in the first song “This is Halloween” and throughout the rest of the movies songs as well.

NBC has several character but the main ones are the pumpkin king or jack skellington, Sally, the town monsters, the evil boogie man, three town treak or treaters , and of course an evil scientist. The movies two main characters are Jack Skellington and Sally a mere assistant to a scientist. Jack the pumpkin king is sad that Halloween is over and the only one that sees is sally. This movie is a cartoon which means that it does not have real actors just fake man mad characters. Creatively the actors have to use hilarious and interesting voices to keep the listener interested.

sum up the key point of the movie is Jack is tired of Halloween and leads himself into a new place called “Christmas town”. In this town he constructs a false summary of what Christmas really is. He tries to steal Christmas which lead to a total disaster. Full of children screaming because of evil presents Santa clause almost dying and the military having to shoot him down. Jack soon discovers that he is the pumpkin king and that he has to prepare his holiday and leave Christmas to Santa clause.

The people that would like this movie is anyone that has a passion for Halloween and Christmas and that will love to see a slightly scary 3-D musical. My overall impression of this movie is that its intriguing from anyone that’s 1 to 101. It really uses great dialogue, and plot line to construct a perfect beautifully directed musically inclinded movie.

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