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July 25, 2014
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Two teenagers. A boy. And a girl. So I’m guessing you can already tell what kind of movie this is. A stereotypical love story, boy meets girl, they fall in love, they break up, and they get back together, yada yada yada. Oh right and who can forget the “Happily Ever After.” I can tell you one thing though, this movie, is anything but stereotypical. And is in fact, amazing and something I believe everyone should have a chance see. For those who have yet to read The Fault in Our Stars, (First of all, how have you not read this yet?) you’re about to enter into a world filled with heartache and soul crushing.

First, you have Hazel Grace. Unlike most children, she has a terminal cancer. Now, like most people who have cancer, she is “depressed” as her mother says, therefore forced to go to support groups where she inevitably meets Augustus Waters. Augustus has overcome his cancer, with the side effects of losing his leg in the process. They meet in a typical fashion, bumping into each other at their support group session. At first, Hazel ignores Gus and his attempts to “charm” her until finally giving in and agreeing to go watch a movie with him. This is the beginning of their friendship, slash “epic love story” as Gus prefers to call it.

Hazel Grace is played by Shailene Woodley, a young aspiring actress who has been the star of The Secret Life of an American Teenager rom 2008-2013, along with recently playing Tris, the beloved main character in the Divergent series. In my opinion, Shailene played the part wonderfully. I felt like she wasn’t just playing Hazel, but became the character completely. Augustus Waters was played by Woodley’s costar, the goofy and adorable Ansel Elgort. However, this was not the first time Woodley and Elgort were costars, being that they were brother and sister in Divergent, which could have contributed to their easygoing chemistry. All in all, I have no complaints about the casting in this movie, which could be another reason I have no complaints about the movie itself.

Although the two main characters were magnificent, I believe that one of the best characters in the movie was Isaac, played by Nat Wolff. While not a main character, he appears throughout the movie several times, and is actually the underlying reason of why Gus and Hazel met. He brings Augustus with him to his cancer support group, where he introduces Hazel and Gus to each other. He has eye cancer, and in the beginning of the movie, still has his eyesight. He makes a joke about how he is able to mind his cancer, being that “he has a hot girlfriend that is out of his league” Nevertheless, he too has a tragic story in this. His girlfriend Monica breaks up with him, claiming to not be able to handle a blind boyfriend. Isaac contributes to the comedy of this movie making the audience at ease after tense moments in the movie.

Overall, this love story, in my opinion, has triumphed over many others, with its witty dialogue and charismatic actors. One word of advice though, if you do go and see this, you might want to bring some tissues. Not for you necessarily, but for the emotional wreck sitting two seats down from you.

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