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Chalet Girl

July 1, 2014
By Ramshaaijaz BRONZE, Karachi, Other
Ramshaaijaz BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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This summer I decided I would watch all those movies based on classics. After watching Northanger Abbey (2007) , I was greatly impressed by the performance of Felicity Jones, so I looked up a list of the films that she had done. I chose Chalet Girl as the next film that I would watch. Directed by Phil Traill and written by Tom Williams, Chalet Girl focuses on a 19 year old, Kim Mathews (Felicity Jones), an ex skateboarding champion who quits skateboarding after her mother's death and starts working in a fast food restaurant. To earn more money for her dad to pay the bills, she applies for a job as a chalet girl to a rich family, in the Alps. There, she embarks on an entirely different journey, living among people that are different from her background. Over the course of the story she develops friendships with Chalet Girl George, (Tamsin Egerton) and Mikki (Ken Duken) who teaches her snowboarding and motivates her to enter a skateboarding competition. The story also explores her romantic relationship with her owner's son Johnny (Ed Westwick) who already has a girlfriend Chloe (Sophia Bush).

The story is predictable and doesn't offer a truly fresh story. It's the same Cinderella story. Poor girl, Rich Guy. However, the movie has been beautifully shot, no doubt. The Alps look amazing and the location where the entire film is set, surely is breathtaking. The acting is good but not superb. Felicity Jones performs her character well and you easily love her through her witty and energetic performance. Ed Westwick looks charming and steps out of his grey shade character in Gossip Girl to a nice, caring guy. Sophia Bush looks stunning and acts her role, that is being Johnny's harsh and mean girlfriend. Tara Dakides, a professional snowboarder plays herself in the film. On the positive side, the soundtrack is really good and the songs are melodious. There are a few flaws here and there but the movie isn't bad. Those who are a fan of romantic movies might, surely like it.

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