Baby Mama

December 12, 2008
The movie Baby Mama is a story about a woman who loves her career, named Kate Holbrook. She really wants to have a baby, to be a mommy, but when she finds out she has a T-shaped uterus, she is disappointed as she is informed that she can not have kids. Kate hires a woman from an agency by the name of Angie Ostrowiski to carry her baby.

Angie's husband lies to her and gets her to have sex after she had been crying from fighting with him earlier. But when they do, it decreases' the chance of the baby being Kate's. All though Angie is pregnant, she is not aware of it until the ultra sound. She tells Kate at the baby show that the baby that she is carrying may not be hers which really upsets her.

Angie and Kate take this to court in search for the truth of who is the mother of the baby. Kate finds out that she is not the mother and that Angie is the mother. But, later on that night Kate runs into Angie on the side walk and Angie's water breaks. Kate and Angie become really good friends. They even tell the doctors that they are sisters so that Kate can be with Angie during the labor. Kate passes out in the delivery room and wakes up the next day and finds out that she is pregnant.

One person gave this movie a D-, and I strongly disagree with it. Another person gave this movie an A-, which I do strongly agree with. I thought that this movie was so great on how they show you what ways you can have children whether it is adoption or having someone else carry your baby. This movie had many posititive morals. This movie relates to the movies Juno which is about a pregnant teen giving it up for adoption, and knocked up where a girl gets pregnant by a man on a drunken rampage and takes care of her baby. This movie teaches us what you can expect during and after pregnancy.

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