Blood Diamond

December 12, 2008
By Bo Carroll, Albuquerque, NM

In the movie, Blood Diamond, the main character, Danny Archer (Leonardo
plays the role of an ex-mercenary, venturing with a fisherman, named Solomon

Vandi (Djimon Hounsou), in Sierra Leone Africa. Solomon is on a quest to
find his beloved son, Dia Vandi, who was forced into a rebellious war as a
child soldier. At the end of this movie, (the last 20 minutes or so), Danny
lets go of his greed for the diamond. He tells his friend on the phone, "I'm

looking at an incredible view right now", as he sees his partner, Solomon,
flying away on an airplane into the sunset.

In this movie Danny Archer, who is an ex-mercenary, is very selfish in the
beginning and wants to use Solomon to guide him to where the diamond is
buried. But, later on in the movie, he agrees to help Solomon find his son.
In one of the scenes, Danny talks to Solomon about the diamond. In his
words, he says "Would if I could help you find your family?" Then, as Danny

tries to convince Solomon he says "You come with me. We split this diamond,
and I'll help you find your family."

Solomon is still refusing to help Danny until a short minute later in the
scene. Then, he asks Solomon twice "Yes or No?!" "Yes or no?!!", which
Danny says very quickly as they are about to run away from the rebels who
are coming to kill the citizens at the town they are in.
Then, Solomon agrees to partner with Danny and they begin their journey
toward the rebel camp to find Solomon's son. As Danny and Solomon are
venturing through villages towards the "R.U.F." rebel camp, Solomon's son,
Dia, is killing innocent people because of being brainwashed by the adult
rebels. Near the end of this movie, Danny and Solomon find Dia, and Solomon
is reunited with his son once again.

At the last scene of this movie Solomon comes into a room to give a speech
to American politicians on the conflict caused by diamonds. And for Danny
Archer I can conclude that he was a man that went from being greedy and
getting the diamond to sell it off, to letting it go and helping Solomon get

his son back. This is a very good movie about war and child soldiers. This
movie is rated R, for language and violence, but it is a must-see movie.
Watch it with a parent so you can discuss the movie once it's over.

Danny, however, does not have a very good ending, but lets the diamond go in

his last scene of redemption. I think the rebels were very evil for taking
Solomon's son and making him do the killing for them. I think we can do
something to stop what is happening in Africa right now. This story has
taught me things about what is going on in Africa right now, and also the
use of child soldiers. I have also learned from this movie that it is based
on true events which still occur today.

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