Kung Fu panda

December 10, 2008
Kung fu panda is a movie that has morals. This movie is a great movie for all ages. It's fun and extremely full of laughs. Kung fu panda is about a big fat panda named Po. Po wants to be the Dragon Warrior really bad. His one main goal in life is to become or even see the Dragon Warrior. But his father wants him to take over the family restaurant. When Po has a dream about being the Dragon Warrior, his father thinks he had the noodle dream. This dream meant that he wanted to cook and that he was ready for the secret ingredient which turned out to be nothing.

When Po is trying to get to the Dragon Warrior ceremony, he has some complications. His father catches him lighting fire works to shoot him off in the air. But when that plan back fires he is flung right in the middle of the ceremony. Only then was he knighted The Dragon Warrior.

Po must start learning kung fu to defeat his masters student that turned bad after he was supposed to be the dragon warrior and wasn't, Tai Lung. His master teaches him kung fu by teasing him with food. Po is not to eat until he has learned kung fu.

Master Shifu who is played by Dustin Hoffman try's to defeat Tai Lung who is played by Ian McShane, after Master Mantis, Master Crane, Master Monkey, Master Viper, and Tigress try to defeat him and lose. Tai Lung is after the scroll of the Dragon Warrior. And when he sees it missing he gets extremely angry. Shifu prepares himself to die in battle with Tai Lung, and when Po defeats him he thinks that his master Shifu is dead. But he turns out not to be dead and Po is happy. Then Mast Shifu decides to relax with quietness and the panda can not keep his mouth shut. But he decides to try out what master Shifu is doing he is fine for the first couple minutes and then he can't keep his mouth shut any longer but he and master Shifu do agree on something. They agree on eating some food.

This movie was actually funny. I am actually not really into animated movies but this was way far the best one I have seen. I could actually watch this movie over and over again and probably would get tired of it. This movie is an all time movie for all ages and its amazing.

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