December 10, 2008
A Walt Disney Animation, Bolt, was directed by Chris Williams and Byron Howard with the screenplay written by Dan Fogelman and Chris Williams. The critics rated it a B, while the audiences rated it an A-. The genre of Bolt is Adventure, Comedy, and Animation. Bolt brought in $66,848,840 at the box office and was given a PG rating due to some action in the movie.

Bolt (John Travolta) is a canine star on a hit TV show that has action and suspense in it from him but little does he know that it isn't all real. He sees Penny (Miley Cyrus) get kidnapped on set and sets off to find her thinking it is just like everyday stunts. He soon finds out that his super powers don't work as well as they normally would have and the fact that he doesn't know where he is. He meets up with Mittens, a street cat (Susie Essman) and a huge fan Rhino, hamster (Mark Walton).

Even the life you are living may not always be true, but deep down inside keeping your friends close means the most. No matter what don't forget or let you're old friends go because you may need to come back in the end and lean or depend on them a little more. It also shows that no matter what you are on the outside, the friends can still get along. The different animals that play the main characters may not get along right away but in the end they are there for each other.

This movie did really well on conveying the messages that they wanted to get across. It made a point throughout the whole movie that keeping your friends close is the most important thing that anyone can do. No matter how different you are compared to someone else, it's what's inside matters the most, this was another point they tried to get across. They showed this by showing the relationship between Mittens and Bolt growing throughout the movie and how in the end they couldn't be split up from each other because they were there for each other in the end and that was put in the movie to show that having your friends back will make them want to be there for you in the end and they were there for each other in the end.

Bolt was an amazingly entertaining movie and I would recommend it to anyone of any age to go and see. Seeing the audience react the way they did helped support my opinion of recommending it to any age. It gets you to sit on the edge of your seat and some parts you may even want to start talking at the screen to Bolt. This is entertainment for the whole family.

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EcoWriter3 said...
Oct. 2, 2009 at 4:38 pm
Nice review! I agree; I absolutely LOVE this movie! (You can check my profile--it has the top spot for favorite movies.) However, there were a couple of run-on sentences that made the review kinda hard to read...
Overall, good job!
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