Iron Man

December 9, 2008
If you like having millions of dollars, or you like explosions and action, or if you want a super awesome almost indestructible suit that flies and shoots five inch missiles that can blow up a tank, then you could, possibly, like this movie. I'm now going to back up those things previously stated with some very good reasons. I'm going to explain the following: good humor, awesome graphics, and awesome fight scenes. Now you can't resist that. They're a perfect combo.

Iron Man is a 2008 superhero film. It is based on Marvel Comics' character, the one and only, Iron Man. It is directed by Jon Favreau. This film includes Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Stark. He is a billionaire industrialist and master engineer with an excess of playboy vices. He gets captured by terrorists forcing him to build his new creation, the Jericho. He instead builds a basic model of Iron Man to escape. Thereafter he builds the technically advanced superhero, Iron Man. Also starring in this movie is Gwyneth Paltrow playing Tony's personal assistant Pepper Potts. Terrence Howard plays military liaison James Rhodes. And lastly, Jeff Bridges plays Stark Industries executive Obadiah Stane.

This movie shows good humor in many interesting ways. When he first creates the Iron Man suit, Tony needs to train his flying abilities so he tells his computer to program them to 100% power. Not too smart! He flies back, colliding with a cement wall, thus falling on his face. One of his various robots sprays him thinking he is on fire. Now on his next attempt, before taking off, he states that if his robot sprays him again, he's sending him to a college fund. Then, after that, his friend James Rhodes comes into his basement where his suits are. Tony already left his Iron Man suit. Rhodes sees his shiny silver suit and wants to use it so bad but then states, “Next time, next time,” and takes off to help Iron Man (Tony.)

In this movie they don't have Robert, or a stunt man, flying around in his suit. No, it's all about the graphics. If you take a picture of Iron Man in mid-flight up close and looked at it closely, you can barely tell. Other good features are the missiles and explosions which are, again, so real! He shoots off this extremely powerful missile at mountains in the distance and I thought he really blew them up!

An action movie needs awesome fight scenes to be perfect; it so critical. He is in a desert camp when a tank shoots its five feet long missile at Tony. He dodges it very smoothly, and jumps up to shoot a twelve inch missile at the tank and KABOOM! It goes to bits. But as it is blowing up, Tony walks away and takes off with a blast of power into the blue sky, as the tank leaves its remains. He flies into this remote town where terrorists are attacking everyone. He takes out the whole lot of them like a real hero. There are too many fight scenes to explain, so now I leave it to you to go see for yourself.

And there you have it. Can you take this much action in one sitting? Iron Man is awesome! It has just recently come out on DVD and Blu-Ray, so it's available to buy or rent. I've simply shown basic reasons why this movie is so amazing including unbelievable fight scenes, good humor and awesome graphics. There are so many great things, like everything you can imagine in a movie. So go get that movie now!

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