December 3, 2008
Twilight has been an awesome book for many readers who enjoy romace, fantasy, and a hole lot of action. Twilight was written by stay at home mom, Stephanie Meyers. The author got the inspiration from a dream she had and had to find out what happened next. The Twilight series has been followed by books called: New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. She is in the middle of another book called Midnight Sun. Twilight has been such a huge sucsess that it has been turned into a movie. The director has planed to make two more movies that follow the seies. Twilight has been released into theaters all over on November 21st and had a Midnight showing that day. The main characters; Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were played by Australian/american actress Kirsten Stewert and british actor Robert
Pattinson. Twilight has been very sucsessful and thousands of people are happy to see it. Good luck Twilight!

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