November 24, 2008
As all of you know Twilight came out on the 21st of November. I was one of millions who saw the movie and I have two reports. One is that if you haven’t read the book and one for if you have read the book.

If you haven’t read the book this movie is good with good music and really hot guys! The movie is good and has beautiful scenery. And Christen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Have such chemistry together I rally felt that they really were Bella and Edward.

If you have read the book I suggest that you do NOT go see the movie. I think that they spent way to long on the whole how Bella met Edward and not enough time on when James is hunting Bella. I mean the first 90 minutes is of them getting to know each other. And the next 15 maybe is where she’s running from James and the fight between Edward and James. The next five minutes is where she is in the hospital and then the last few minutes are the prom and credits. They should have spent way less time on how they got together and more time on the fight against James I mean that is the best part of the book! You can’t cut out all the action and put in all lovey dovey like they did. I was so ticked off when I walked out of the theater. You could see the hate waves radiating off of me.

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