Dear John

April 12, 2014
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Teens Hooked on Love

Romance movies, also known as chick flicks, are all the rage when it comes to teenage girls. The romance genre gives us girls an escape from reality and lets us dream up our own magical fantasy. The movies fill our hearts with hope that we will one day find love with our own handsome guy. We can't resist a love story with a dreamy- eyed hunk in it who will do anything for his destined lover; it makes us melt. The image of this Prince Charming is what fills up theatres with starry- eyed fifteen year olds.

You can see this so called perfect guy in the very popular chick flick, Nicolas Sparks' The Notebook. Noah is seen as the Romeo in the story when he risks everything to save his relationship with his love Ally. Noah and Ally go separate ways after their love crumbles. In an effort to win her back, Noah writes love letters to Ally. Ending like every romantic fairytale, they lived happily ever after. With Ryan Gosling shown as the flawless man, The Notebook had teen girls drooling over this picture perfect love story.

Very similar to The Notebook is the inspiring film Dear John also by the same author. John played by heart- throb, Channing Tatum is seen as the ideal man in the movie. The beautiful and talented Amanda Seyfried is cast as John’s lover. Their meeting is short and sweet and of course they fall in love. Their summer romance is the dream summer of every love struck teen. Like all summer love affairs it came to an end and soldier John is sent back to war leaving poor heartbroken Savannah behind. Empowered by their young love they write letters every day to each other. The determination of the two love bugs sends a strong message out to viewers to fight for love. Later on comes a scene that tugs at your heart strings; John’s reconnection with his father before he passes. In the end you would expect Savannah and John to live out the rest of their lives happy together but Sparks throws in a different ending. After returning home, John finds out Savannah married someone else leaving John and Savannah, unfortunately in the “friend zone.”

Dear John was a one of a kind beautiful love story. Dear John is a heartwarming and touching film that will have every girl in tears and dreaming about love with Channing Tatum. Most love stories tell of a fairytale kinda love but Dear John tells of a love that is very complicated which was a refreshing twist. The idea of two lovers in two different parts of the world and the only way they can express their love is with pen and paper is stunning. I loved how enchanting John and Savannah's love was; the way love should look and Channing and Amanda did an incredible job showing that. Being a fifteen year old teenage girl I fell in love with this love story as did many other romance lovers.

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