December 1, 2008
WALL-E Saves the World

If you are looking for a funny, animated family film then WALL-E is the one. This movie on the outside is truly a funny, animated family film, but on the inside it is just one big lesson on how if humans do not become more active and help the Earth then it will become an uninhabitable barren wasteland. WALL-E starts off with a robot who is in charge of taking care of the entire planet all on its little lonesome because all the humans have moved onto a space station where more robots take care of them. There is almost no dialogue and trace of human life at all in the first part of the movie, thing only living beings are WALL-E and his pet cockroach. The setting takes pace in a city surrounded by barren wasteland, where no plant life exists. There are trash cubes spread out everywhere that had been painstakingly gather by WALL-E in previous years past. It would seem as if the entire human race had become extinct. His only link to man-kind is an old, worn copy of the movie “Hello, Dolly!”

Then a space ship appears carrying Eve. Eve is a sleek, ultra-modern, egg-shaped robot, the exact opposite of WALL-E who is a rusty, worn-out robot that lasted longer then it was supposed to. Eve is the movie watchers first experience of human existence, even then only a small one since no human has actually been seen. Eve is a scientific research robot that is looking for any remaining plant life to show that the Earth is still inhabitable. Eve discovers a tiny plant that WALL-E has found while collecting trash. She goes into a coma-like state where she stays until the space ship picks her up. When the space ship arrives WALL-E hitches a ride with Eve back to the space station. At the space station the movie watcher catches their first glimpse of an actual human, a pudgy overweight being with almost no bone structure or control over their limbs. Machines take care of them and all they have to do is laze in a reclining chair and talk into a screen. This is yet another example of the underlying lesson for humans to stay active and have a healthy life.

Through WALL-E's actions he is able to make the humans fully realize what they have done. When the humans finally tear themselves away from their computer screens they find out for the first time how beautiful outer space is. They had never seen this before because of the allure of electronics. WALL-E and a barrage of robots help the humans fight the power hungry autopilot robot and are able to turn the space station back towards Earth. When the humans arrive they all wobble out on their non-supportive legs and take in what a mess they have made of the Earth. Then they go out into the barren wasteland and try to reverse the effect.

The purpose of this movie was to encourage the people who are not doing something to help the earth to get out and do something to help the environment so that our present day earth does not end up as a barren, uninhabitable wasteland. And to encourage people to get active so that they do not become totally dependent on machines to get them along in life.

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