I Am Legend

December 1, 2008
I Am Legend was a great action packed and intense film. I really liked the movie and would rate it a ten out of ten. This Science Fiction movie took place, in the future of New York City. Will Smith played the role of the main character, Robert Neville (Dr. Neville). Will does a great job of acting in this movie. He really gets you into it, you're never bored.
Robert is a scientist, who is determined to find a cure for the deadly disease. This disease makes normal people, turn into hairless, psychos. The infection makes any living animal go crazy. The only living animal that Robert has with him, is his intelligent dog. The only reason Robert is living today, is because he's immune to this disease.

Dr. Neville Studies the disease in the lab in the basement of his house. He has everything in his house from food, guns and science equipment. His house is very well protected from everything that he faces. Robert studies this disease on, infected rats and some psychos that he catches. He takes videos of his lab results, so he can tell the people of the future. This will tell them what works, and what doesn't work. The videos are also helpful, because people of the future know how the disease is cured. All of Dr. Neville's results have come back negative so far. But Robert is very determined to find the cure, to what killed his family, along with the rest of the country.

One night, Robert was hunting psychos for a lab test. A bunch of infected dogs, surround him and his dog. They were blocking the entrance of a building, so Robert and his dog couldn't get in. Roberts's dog got mad and defended himself, but the dogs bite him. When Dr. Neville returns back to his home, he realized that his dogs infected. Robert is forced to suffocate his dog, and live alone. Robert gets so depressed, that he tries to kill himself by getting eaten by the psychos. Someone saved his life before he got eaten alive.

A girl found Dr. Neville and took him back to his house, she fixed up his wounds. Anna tells him that she came here with her son Ethan because god told her to. She also heard him on the radio, telling anyone alive, to come meet him here. Anna believes that there's a place where people who aren't infected go. Robert of course thinks she's crazy, stating that everyone they have ever known is dead.

One night, Robert and the Anna get attacked by the psychos. There were too many for Robert to control. Robert sets off all of the bombs he can, in the land ahead. That didn't stop them from coming. It killed many, but there were still thousands charging at the house. The psychos started to invade the house by climbing and breaking stuff. They all searched for Anna and Robert. Immediately, Robert tells them to hide into bullet proof glass room in the basement, but one psycho finds them.

More of the psychos came down; they started to ram the glass with their heads. Cracks began to form, and it started to get really bad. Robert knew that they were going to die, only if he didn't act fast. As Robert scrambled to find a way to save everyone, he suddenly realized something. A cure had worked on a psycho that he had tested. The red eyes, vanes and unusual breathing were gone. Robert quickly drew blood from the healing psycho. Then, he gave the container to the Anna. Robert, Anna and Ethan were very close to getting eaten alive. So Robert quickly took a grenade out of a drawer, then told Anna and Ethan to get in a little cabinet. The cabinet seemed very durable. Robert took the clip out of the grenade and ran towards the psychos. A huge explosion blew them all up.

Dr. Neville dies, saving the Anna and Ethan from the psychos. A while later, Anna and Ethan head out to the place where she thinks everyone un-diseased is. It turns out, that it was all true. The police scanned Anna's eyes and opened the giant gates, leading into a village. There were kids playing soccer and people walking, just as if everything was normal. From this point on, Anna and Ethan live in the village. The Police took the cure from Anna, and then started to heal people. Everything would slowly go back to normal; the world would be completely fine in the years to come.

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