December 1, 2008
The Twilight movie was pretty good from a Twilight die-hard's point of view. As a Twilighter, I got a kick out of how the actors portrayed their characters. It was rather entertaining to see how the expressions and actions were preformed throughout the movie and comparing them to the actual book. It was also somewhat disappointing that a lot of the most popular lines weren't even mentioned, were reworded, or just completely left out. Another disappointment was that some scenes were crammed together. They would take an important element that made one scene special, and then simply add it to another scene. This process was to shorten the movie and fit as much of the book in as possible; it was still rather depressing though.

For someone who isn't obsessed with the book, the Twilight movie would have seemed rather lame. The animation wasn't all that great and there were some awkward scenes. Some of the lines being exchanged might seem a little cheese to a non-obsessed Twilighter. To the male audience the movie may come off as a “romance” and/or a “chick flick”, don't get me wrong, that's basically what it is, there are, however, a few action scenes. Even though some of the stunts preformed throughout the movie are totally unrealistic, it's not that poorly put together.

The movie has appealed to more females then males. More then 75% of the audience were females. Even though more females have flooded the theaters to see the movie, guys have moseyed on in with a group of their friends to catch the show. Overall the movie was a big success and Summit Entertainment will soon begin the production of New Moon, the second book in the Twilight saga.

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hbeats4u2 said...
Dec. 5, 2009 at 2:11 pm
I am going to say the same thing I said to the last person who wrote on twilight; the movie was horrible. They left out MAJOR key points. The actors did NOT portray themselves as the characters in the fabulous novel.
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