November 24, 2008

It had been the hype at school for months. There were those who were going to see it because they were the book worms and had read the books months before everyone else, those who were going to see it because of the hot actors found within the cast, and those who were going to see it because everyone else was. No matter the reason, everyone seemed to own a t-shirt supporting team Jacob, team Edward or even team Jasper on occasion. There were colorful notes passed from one girl to the next reading “I Love Edward Cullen” or “Real men don’t sparkle -- Jacob Black.” Everyone was excited for the release of the Twilight movie.

Girls waited hours in line with their gear to get the best seats to see what they had been waiting for. Upon first reading the back cover of the book or hearing about the movie everyone asks: why is this film so popular? The answer is quite simple. After viewing the Twilight movie it occurred to me: every girl who left that theatre wanted their own personal Edward Cullen.

Critics say that the movie gives girls an incorrect image of the “prince charming” that will magically appear in their lives and sweep them off their feet. In contrast, I thought the exact opposite. What is so wrong about women expecting more from men? The movie held very true to the book in that Edward was always there to help Bella in the simple ways that most non-superhuman men are capable of. Some examples included holding doors, taking her jacket, and being an active listener in conversation. It held true to the fact that relationships exist on the foundation of love and that teenagers are more than lusting animals but truly care about their dating partners and want their dating partners to care about them.

The vampires in the movie were well set apart from the rest of society; for example they came into lunch after everyone else. I thought despite this separation they were very much a part of the community they lived in. The movie included many interesting touches. I personally liked the fact that Stephanie Meyer was shown typing in the cafĂ©, it must be amazing to see one’s characters come to life. Other added humor such as the reoccurring pepper spray really defined Charlie’s character even though it wasn’t in the book. Another example was Emmett waving a knife to wish Bella hello really lifted the mood behind the story line.

There were some scenes in the movie that I felt could have benefited from following the book more closely. There were many times when Bella had bra straps, short shorts, or a stomach showing. While it was not overall extremely inappropriate it detracted from her character as a shy, awkward with boys, clumsy girl. This was most obvious when Edward appears in her bedroom in the major kissing scene in the movie. I think the exact quote of the girl next to me was “does she even have any shorts on?”

Overall I felt that the Twilight movie was very true to Stephanie Meyer’s novel and a great success. I think it also portrays a strong value of how men and women’s standards of romantic relationships could be higher. The movie embodies what exactly every girl wants.

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