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   Sea of Love is a jazzy, sexy thriller which keeps the viewer mesmerized. After a seductive montage of Manhattan by night and a brutal murder, we are meet Frank Keller (Al Pacino),homicide detective who is having a mid-life crisis. He teams up with an officer from Queen to investigate a serial killer. All the victims are men who have placed rhyming personal ads in a magazine. To flesh out the culprit, Keller and his partner send in their own classified and meet with more than thirty women.

One of the suspects (Ellen Barkin) introduces herself with an interesting speech about animal attraction. Keller unwisely but understandably falls for her.

The film plays with the mystery until the end, distinguishing itself from the predictable Fatal Attraction. Although Al Pacino is both passionate and empathetic, Ellen Barkin nearly steals the movie with her sly grin and seductive gaze.The chemistry between the two charges the film.

Sea of Love is a gripping, crime drama with a strong love story r. It is fine entertainment and even the ending is satisfying. It is an absolute must-see if you enjoys a snazzy thrill.

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i love this so much!


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