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   When going to rent a movie I have one major problem: which one to get. Usually someone is waiting for me, and I am rushed, and have only five or ten minutes to choose one. This task is easier said than done. Today's video stores have so many movies that in 10 minutes you can't see half of the racks, let alone read the backs of the videos.

If you have this problem I have an answer for you. Go to the video store, and check the "New Release" or "Best Bets" list if your video store has one. If nothing catches your eye, browse through your favorite category of movies (If your video store arranges their movies in different categories). If you still find nothing of interest, my suggestion is to try a James Bond film, if you like a good action film.

Although the latest ones with Timothy Dalton might not be that great, the older ones are full of action and fun. Sean Connery (who was recently in"Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade") plays James Bond in the earlier Bond films, and is my personal favorite. Roger Moore took over in 1973, and he plays Bond in seven of the series. Other actors play James Bond, but Moore and Connery are the original choices. Timothy Dalton, in my opinion, is far below Connery and Moore in acting ability, but the special effects in the recent Bond movies are excellent.

If you become interested in these films, here is a list of the 18 which can be helpful to remember the ones you've seen. I found that after I'd seen a few, I began to forget which is which.

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i love this so much!

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how old is this artical?


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