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   "One," a song from Metallica's recent LP "..And Justice For All" is based on a 1971 war movie "Johnny's Got his Gun," in which a soldier was blown away in a landmine explosion, losing his sight, hearing, speech, and both legs and arms. Completely isolated from the world, not able to do much more than thump "kill me" in Morse code repeatedly, he was One. "One" became the first song for which Metallica ever made a video. Metallica made two versions of the video, both of which appear on this tape. The longer version of the video has the band performing the song in a warehouse, and also features excerpts from "Johnny's got his gun," as well as conversation between the nurses and doctors in the hospital where the victim is taken, with narrations that are thoughts going on in the victim's head. The shorter version shows only the band itself performing the song. The video also includes an interesting introduction by the band's drummer, Lars Ulrich, in which he explains how the song was born and what it was like to shoot the video.

If you're a big Metallica fan, and especially like "One," this video has your name written on it. It's also a good introduction to Metallica for those with tender ears that can't be assaulted with any sound harsher than the Fine Young Cannibals. "One" is one of their shorter, musically milder songs, less speed-metal oriented than most. Both videos really do a great job to make the song come alive. Although this video isn't dubbed "The $9.98 HomeVid," expect to find it on sale for about that much at most stores.

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i love this so much!

JoelF said...
on Dec. 17 2008 at 6:50 pm
How old is this article? . . . And Justice For All was released in 1988. In order for the album to be recent, this article must be twenty years old.


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