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   One of the most endearing characters on "Saturday Night Live" in recent years has been Dana Carvey. His impersonations include the Church Lady, Hans (of Hans and Franz), Dan Quayle, and even President Bush. Now he finally gets to display his great acting skills in a new movie "Opportunity Knocks," where Dana plays Eddie Farrel, a con man who works with his partner in crime (played by Todd Graff) to swindle money from unsuspecting victims. Unfortunately, they become involved with an underworld crime boss who threatens to kill them both if they don't repay their debts to him.

Rated PG-13, the movie, while at times unrealistic, is hilariously funny. As he gets stuck in various predicaments, Carvey uses his wits and many voices. A few parts of the film might make some critics view the film as simply a showcase for Dana Carvey, but scenes such as the one where he sings in a nightclub merely add to the laughter. In one memorable scene, Carvey even does his well-known SNL imitation of George Bush, discussing the merits of blowdriers as opposed to paper towels: "Paper towels - bad; blowers - good."

"Opportunity Knocks" also stars Julia Campbell and Robert Loggia, as the girl Eddie falls in love with and her father (respectively, of course). All the actors do convincing jobs, yet while Dana Carvey outshines them all, the film is not exclusively about him. In fact. "Opportunity Knocks" turns out to be a much better movie than one would expect. If you want to see a funny movie, this is the one to see. n

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