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"The Fabulous Baker Boys" treats its audience to a fine portrayal of two small-time pianists. The movie tells the story of two brothers (played superbly by Jeff and Beau Bridges, also real-life brothers), struggling to make a living. They play jazzy piano, and are both very talented players who simply have not gotten lucky, and thus have a hard time succeeding. Soon after the movie opens, the brothers decide after some 10 years of playing together that they need a singer to accompany them to brighten their act. They then hold auditions for a singer and fail to find one until after 37 lousy singers, and hours of listening, they get a break. A stunning girl walks in (Michelle Pfeiffer), and she blows them away with her voice. She joins their act, and guides them to some great performances, and some real profit. She also winds up getting close to one of the brothers, and ... I won't give it away. But the movie is not a fairy tale, and does not end like one, to its credit. The music in the movie is definitely the highlight, and for any type of music-lover, the music really shines. The songs are sung terrifically by Michelle Pfeiffer, and the piano playing is truly professional. A surprise hit, "The Fabulous Baker Boys" is genuinely fabulous. HHHHn

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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